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Package Design

A product’s package is it’s most valuable advertisement. At EmpactMedia, our goal is to help great products speak clearly and effectively to consumers in a variety of retail settings. Strategic thinking combined with creativity can make your company’s packaged goods shine.

Branding & Identity

Clear and cohesive branding is a cornerstone of successful business. Good branding should communicate the core values of a company, and act as a unifying voice that extends into all aspects of the organization.

Print Design

Great branding should extend seamlessly into printed materials. Whether creating business cards, letterheads, brochures or catalogs, Works excels at the printed word. We work with a variety of vendors to produce digital, offset and letterpress work, with the ability to add custom stamping and embossing for a truly unique piece.

[about empactmedia]

EmpactMedia is a marketing company that guides companies through today’s complex marketing and advertising environment. We possesses the knowledge and experience to not only develop and nurture your brand, but also to help sort through all that information. We can help decide what’s relevant, use that to craft a meaningful and memorable message, then use our resources to apply it to the right customer.

Based in Dallas, Texas, we specialize in helping small-to-mid-sized companies define and build their brand, and make sense of the overwhelming volume of information that fills the marketing landscape. We then combine knowledge, and experience with the appropriate tools, and technology to deliver the right message to the right target at the right time.


Using a different scope
In a time while many marketing companies are adopting a near-sighted view of the customer and trying to sell you the latest, untried “cool thing,” Empactedia sets our sights on a longer-range view of using the right tools, and tactics to do the right thing for your brand. Using our own people in conjunction with a network of experienced, professional, and dependable resources, we are able to provide our marketing partners the disciplines necessary to get the job done right.

Connecting the dots between your brand and the customer…it’s what we do.

We Bring Brands To Life

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